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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News December 20, 2023

This week’s Newsletter is one of two remaining Newsletters in 2023. Last week, we shared a little bit about our facility in Dallas, its foundational pillars: training and exercise, lifestyle and nutrition, and education and how we organize the weekly Newsletter to pass along pertinent information to the members of our community.

This week we will highlight the ways in which new and existing clients can take advantage of the services that we offer.

New clients typically begin with a consultation and evaluation to have a customized wellness or sports performance program designed for them. This initial consultation at minimum 90 minutes; however we do have clients who wish to work more intensively or visit from out of town so we schedule larger blocks of time. Clients leave this initial session with videos and a program that they do at home and in conjunction with the Practitioners on our team.

Moving forward, private sessions (one-on-one sessions) are used to progress and refine the quality of a person’s exercise program based upon their results. In addition to the private sessions and the weekly homework, clients can compliment their one-on-one session with semi-privates, open gym sessions or group workouts we offer every month on the exercise calendar.

We have found that the best results occur when the client uses a combination of privates and group sessions with their Home Program.

For out-of-town clients, our model is not much different other than the amount of time they spend at Legacy when they travel in and the amount of time in between visits.

The best way to know what is happening at Legacy is to subscribe to the Weekly Newsletter.

Invite to Classes December

Class Registration

December 23:  9:30 am ELDOA Classic (Wellness) Workout

December 30:  9:30 am ELDOA Classic (Wellness) Workout

January 1: Time TBA


Start your New Year off right!

Group Class Card

Sports and Performance News

The Sports Performance News section is devoted to topics and information specific to sports performance training and rehabilitation, amateur and professional athletes, and the coaches who are members of our community.

Solomon Thomas, #94 for the New York Jets, received the Heisman Humanitarian Award for his work with his Foundation The Defensive Line. The mission statement reads: to end the epidemic of youth suicide, especially for young people of color.

In last week’s game against the Dolphins, Solomon recorded a career, in-season high, fifth quarterback sack in what has turned out to be Solomon’s best season thus far. Solomon uses every aspect of SomaTraining and ELDOA paradigm that we teach at Legacy as part of his in-season and off-season programming. He is a pioneer in modern day training for defensive linemen in the National Football League.

Humanitarian Award

Lifestyle and Recovery Center

Sauna Course

Start the New Year off right! January 1: Time TBA

Join us at Legacy for Open Sauna and Cold Plunge.

Education News

January 5 Sauna Certification Course

4:30 to 9:00 pm

To Enroll, click the link below.

Sauna Course

The 2024 SomaTraining Texas Winter Intensive Seminar Series is January 4-7.

Enrollment is now posted in the eShop tab on our website:

Courses include Pumping of the Upper Limb and TMJ on Jan. 4-5

Sauna on Jan. 5

Myo-fascial Stretching on Jan. 6-7 (two days)

Sign up for Courses

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning.


For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.


The SomaTraining/Therapy schedule for 2024 will be announced soon.  Courses are scheduled to begin in February.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center!

Scott, Cleo, John and Claudia

If you missed any Legacy Newsletters, they are posted on Legacy’s website under the tab ‘Legacy News’.



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