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Healing ‘Leaky Gut’

By October 27, 2015November 2nd, 2015Food Tip of the Week

First, what is ‘leaky gut’?
The theory is that leaky gut syndrome (also called increased intestinal permeability), is the result of damage to the intestinal lining, making it less able to protect the internal environment as well as to filter needed nutrients and other biological substances. As a consequence, some bacteria and their toxins, incompletely digested proteins and fats, and waste not normally absorbed may “leak” out of the intestines into the blood stream. This triggers an autoimmune reaction, which can present as GI symptoms of mild distress to IBS and other medical conditions.

There are certain foods that are known to help with leaky gut. Here is a list with why they are beneficial:

• bone broth: proline is for collagen repair; glycine is for detoxing; L-Glutamine is fuel for the small intestine

• coconut oil: antimicrobial food that kills yeast in the body (coconut water is good also)

• sauerkraut and fermented foods” probiotic; prebiotic (creates a healthy environment for good bacteria); cabbage is good for liver detox

• goat milk kefir: probiotic; short chain fatty acid (SCFA) that serves as nutrients for the mucosa cells of the GI tract stimulating mucosal proliferation and blood flow.

• blueberries: antioxidant (resveratrol) lower in sugar than other healthy fruits; sour food that nourishes the liver

Credit to Dr. Weil and Dr. Axe for some of this information.

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