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By November 27, 2013December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

It’s Thanksgiving and, in the spirit of this holiday, I am reflecting on those things for which I am grateful.

As I sit in bed with 101 degrees of fever, I am grateful that I have a comfortable, secure home which affords me the space I need to live and be well.  Not everyone is as fortunate as I.

In wrapping up the ELDOA 1 and 2 Conference held in Dallas November 20-24, 2013 and hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness, I am so thankful for being in the company of the genius that is Guy VOYER, DO and for the friendships I have made through the SomaTraining Program run by Brent Meier in Los Angeles and this recent Dallas program.  I thank my business partner, Scott Herrera, for being a teacher, mentor and having his vision.

Always I am grateful for my sense of humor and delight in the delicious ironies of life.

Odd as it may sound, I am grateful that my former husband is creating Thanksgiving tomorrow with all my mother’s recipes and that our daughter will be a part of that celebration.  When we first married, that first Thanksgiving, my mom had to open up a can of LeSeur peas to go with the turkey and mashed potatoes…Charles wasn’t used to traditional Thanksgiving food and mom wanted to be sure he would have something to eat!  Over time, it became his favorite holiday and he and I made all my family’s old, familiar recipes.  The fact that my mother lives on at his Thanksgiving table is a great comfort to me.

I am so thankful for the special women friends I have made in the past few years…young, beautiful and talented, these precious souls have brought richness to my life.  My ‘old’ friends can never be replaced…our history together is a source of wonderful, funny memories and our times together priceless.

I am grateful for a blue, blue Texas sky…a cardinal in the backyard…the taste of a good meal that nourishes my body…bear pictures…kind words…organic bone broth…strong hugs…love.

Happy Thanksgiving!Back Camera



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