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Free Markets and Medicine in the United States- a topic from one of my BLOGS

By September 10, 2014February 4th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The U.S prides itself on Capitalism, promoting competition and free markets. If this is the case then why is there no “legal competition” for the current medical system which is operated like a corporation? Originally, as an alternative to the traditional medical system, the profession of Osteopathy was founded in the U.S. by medical doctor and Civil War surgeon, A.T. Still. Still later opened a school and trained practitioners in the holistic healing art. But now Osteopathic medicine falls under the umbrella of the AMA and the art of a “hands on practitioner” with respect to a holistic model is dying in part because of the current insurance billing model where more emphasis is placed on biochemistry and surgery modalities as the primary means of health management and “hands on healing” is being phased out. For the record, physical therapy in its current form is not “hands on”, in my opinion. Physical therapy in the U.S. has become far too mechanical and electronic, with little or no attention to visceral or fascial work in Tensegrity model, and exercises are taught by “techs” not skilled therapists with years and years of hands on experience. Excluding the fields of traumatic medicine and cancer, I argue that Osteopathy in its original form, in combination with well-designed exercise and wellness programs can compete and outperform the current medical model in the U.S. with respect to client/patient results and total monies spent. What do we as a society have to lose? Look at the numbers, no different than corporate analyst would, but be sure to compare client/patient results and the bottom-line figures. Will our capitalist markets allow for this competition to take place?