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By March 21, 2012December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

Two years ago, I put my home up for sale.

Right after my divorce, I felt there had been enough change in my life. It was so important for me to stay in the place I had lived for 20 plus years…this oasis I had created for my family. Oddly enough, even though my former husband was very involved in our home – the business executive even painted rooms in crazy colors for me – the space was so much me that I didn’t feel his presence after he left. I did, however, do several Sage-ings…Sage and Tequila parties with my girlfriends…to remove any left over energy!
Two years ago, during the worst real estate market one can imagine, I felt I was ready to move on, create a new type of life for myself. My house went on the market, but I did not get one offer…no one even insulted me with a ridiculously low bid! When I look back, what a good thing. At that time, I never cleaned out a closet, never went through cabinets, drawers, nothing. I never tossed away anything. I don’t think I was mentally, emotionally ready to leave. I just didn’t know it.
This time that is not the case. It has been so cleansing to go through stuff and toss things! I even found items that I had forgotten I had stashed away. I am a really good hider…I had no idea I would find the things I have come across. It’s been like day after day of finding $100.00 in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a long time or a handbag you haven’t carried for months!
Two years ago, I would look around my home and go out in my back yard and say to myself, “This is so beautiful, how can I even think of leaving?” Now I say, “My house is so beautiful someone is going to see it and not be able to live without it!”
Big difference.
Now I am truly ready to move on. What a good thing. What a difference two years can make!