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Fear of Fat?

By January 6, 2015February 4th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

During the holidays, we throw caution to the winds!  After the holidays, we look in the mirror and ask, “How the heck did THIS happen?”  Everybody has fasting, detoxing, and dieting suggestions in January.

As you try to undo any damage done between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, one piece of good advice is this:  don’t be afraid of fat.  Your body needs fat for energy and to absorb certain nutrients, such as vitamins A, D and E.  These vitamins are fat-soluble, which means the body cannot absorb them (no matter how high the dosage) unless lipids are present in the body. We hear so much today about how deficient we are in vitamin D, across the board.  It is interesting to ask whether this deficiency is connected to the advent of low-fat or fat-free foods and people’s fear of fat which was a by-product of all the hoopla (and false statements) about saturated fat causing heart disease.

Eating high quality fats also leads to a higher level of satisfaction so less food might be eaten and that feeling of fullness might last longer.  All good news when it comes to trying to eat less without feeling starved.

Clean fats are essential for immunity, and for brain, heart, artery and skin health.  Grass-fed/finished protein offers the cleanest animals fats.  Ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil or coconut butter, extra-virgin olive oil are all excellent choices for high-quality, healthy fats.Ghee At Core

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