The FIRST ELDOA – Sport and Wellness Center

After 20 years of research into exercise and study of osteopathy, Legacy opened our Center, based upon and faithful to the principles of the Complexity Paradigm, Tensegrity Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy. As we teach the science of human movement, wellness, and sports performance, Legacy’s clients receive customized exercise programs adapted for a specific problem or goal: sports related, preventative, corrective, maintenance or aesthetic.

Legacy’s Sport & Wellness Program

The Center’s Sport & Wellness Program integrates Analytical Segmental exercises – ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, Muscle Re-Enforcement, Proprioception, etc., based upon the work of Guy VOYER, DO – with traditional “Global” analytical exercises.

Analytical Segmental Exercises are specific to a particular muscle or muscle group and used for a specific purpose. An example of this would be sideline leg raises with the working leg at a forty-five degree angle in order to strengthen the gluteus medius. The gluteus medius stabilizes the pelvis so this exercise would be used with a client who has an unstable pelvis and no glute medius muscle. The trainer would design the client’s program with a small number of repetitions to start, building reps each week, culminating in a healthy, strong, working muscle and the ultimate goal of a stabilized pelvis.

Global exercises are less precise and are used to build over-all stamina and strength. An example would be the gravity squat. The goal of using the squat in a client program would be to teach a basic movement properly and then build the clients mastery of that movement. There are certain things we need to be able to do in our everyday living – bend down, raise our arms up, walk (or run), stand for periods of time. The more we are able to do these everyday movements with the least amount of energy expended the better we are able to use our bodies properly and with the least amount of wear and tear.

Home Programs are designed by our Practitioners to address a specific need or desire. The Home Program is supplemented with private training, semi-private classes, and our weekly general exercise workouts. The ELDOA, Legacy’s “Signature” Workout is a weekend staple that anyone, first-timer or seasoned Legacy client, can enjoy and from which they can benefit. During the month, the Center will offer other types of classes prior to the ELDOA general workout. This may be a Basic Movement class or a training class such as Lower Limb Reinforcement or an ABS workout.