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ELDOA News Update

By October 17, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The final touches are being made to the 5-day schedule for ELDOA- Dallas Conference scheduled for Nov. 20-24 hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.

An outline of the five-day schedule of events will be emailed to all practitioners enrolled in the conference next week.

For those that want to make plans for the first day here is a rough outline…

Beginning at noon on Wednesday Nov. 20th, the ELDOA Dallas Conference begins. Welcomes and introductions will be made initially, including the story of how the ELDOA was created by Guy VOYER DO over thirty years ago.

Other topics of note will be a brief history on Osteopathy and a few of the key names that had a significant influence on this field of study, and how VOYER has come full circle in way of thinking with respect to helping people. An introduction and brief discussion on complexity paradigm and how it differs from linear thinking and the current medical model which is designed to manage people’s dysfunction vs. educating people with the necessary tools to make permanent change.

There will be NO lunch break on day 1-

There will be a few short breaks spread throughout Wednesday afternoon and the day wraps up between 7-730PM allowing time for practitioners to make dinner plans or go to hotel gym and sauna… so eat lunch before before the conference begins at noon. 

Day 2, Thursday Nov. 21, begins with a group ELDOA workout first thing in the morning led by one of the four assistants at the conference. Each morning thereafter will begin in the same manner with a new instructor and different ELDOA workout.

Look for more ELDOA NEWS Updates on Legacy’s website and facebook pages as we approach  the conference date Nov. 20th.

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