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By February 20, 2015February 25th, 2015ELDOA News Blog


Welcome to the NEW ELDOA News Blog hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center!

With the new organization of the ELDOA program we felt it was important to create a forum dedicated to all topics related to the ELDOA and Myo- fascial Stretching (MFS). The past year was dedicated to restructuring the ELDOA program and opening a permanent site for ELDOA instruction, a SCHOOL of ELDOA training in Dallas.

The ELDOA program is now organized into five levels. With each new level there will be a new course manual and format. For those that have taken both ELDOA 1 and 2 in the previous format, the base exercises are the same, but with the expanded format, the information can be spread out over the first few modules and the last two courses can now grow into the complex material that VOYER always wanted it to be.

The first course in the NEW format is scheduled to be taught in Dallas, Tx. at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center, April 22-23.  Dr. VOYER, DO will make an appearance and give an introduction and lecture on his educational paradigm, complexity, tensegrity biomechanics and the ELDOA program moving forward. In the weeks leading up to the new course Legacy will post all news related to ELDOA in the new ELDOA blog so practitioners and clients can follow along as the ELDOA program makes its way around the world. Course descriptions and content will be shared in the next series of ELDOA Blog posts!

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