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By November 11, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The Myo-fascial Stretching Practitioner Course wrapped up this past weekend in NYC at Kima Physical Therapy Clinic in Manhattan and The ELDOA-Dallas Conference scheduled is to begin Wednesday Nov. 20th.

But before ELDOA-Dallas kicks off, four days of “quality exercise classes” are scheduled at the Jewish Community Center in New York City on the upper west side. Classes begin Monday afternoon and run through Thursday. Each day a new style of class is scheduled .. the first class begins at 2PM. The class- the ELDOA. Each day following the classes at the JCC a short blog summary will be posted including information specific to the next day’s content. We hope you can attend all four days.

Following the last group workout session, Thursday Nov. 14th, there will be a Q&A session for attendees and guests regarding the past weeks classes and future programming at the JCC, in the NYC area.

ELDOA- Dallas Conference begins Wednesday Nov. 20th and the day will begin with a lecture from the man who organized the ELDOA, Guy VOYER. VOYER has numerous degrees from varying specialities of study including medicine and osteopathic care, all of which have helped him to organize a different approach to human health and client/patient care.

Topics of note for Wednesday’s lecture include “the Fascia”, what it is and the multitude of roles that it plays in human body, “the Tensegrity Concept” and how it applies to human function and movement, “the Complexity Paradigm” and how medicine and our views of the body are changing from a linear model to a new and effective approach of care for the body, and  the role of “Quality Exercise” and how it works to reverse the organization of tissues within the body.

For more information on ELDOA-Dallas contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas at

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