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Can learning to shoot a gun be a metaphor for life?

By July 5, 2012December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

Many of you may have asked that question when Legacy posted an invitation to join our group for a day Immersion with Scott Phillips, former Navy SEAL, who teaches seminars in Hand Gun safety and shooting technique…the Navy SEAL way!

It may not seem to fit a business model dedicated to facilitating change in our clients who come for nutritional counseling, performance training, strength and conditioning, lifestyle modification…

…but it does make sense if you think of this outing in terms of one of our mottos: Eat Clean. Play Hard. Live Fully!

Just as a proper exercise program with a progression of work load to time frame increases fitness by intelligent stressing of the muscles, so does embarking on something outside one’s comfort zone strengthen one’s mental and emotional systems through perturbation of those systems. Mental toughness and agility are critical to living a healthy life, especially in our stressful environment and as one ages.

And how many chances are we given to do something that scares us, makes us uncomfortable, but in a safe way, with a group of people you trust and with whom you are developing ‘tribe’.

Even though I grew up in an extended family of mountain men, living in the Colorado Rockies and hunting and fishing, I had never touched a gun and didn’t think I ever wanted to do so! I called deer hunting ‘killing Bambi’. I couldn’t imagine having a loaded gun in the house for fending off an intruder unless I planned on killing myself before he could make it back to my bedroom! So imagine my surprise when I was actually looking forward to the Hand Gun Immersion.

It is easy to remove any intellectual sticking points from the exercise if you view the experience of shooting a gun as a life metaphor: you set a goal…you have a plan to accomplish that goal…there are steps in the plan that need to be learned and mastered in order to attain the goal…thought and mental focus are needed every time you practice this new step toward mastery…practice, practice, practice creates fluidity and strength…repetition equals success.

Doing something that scares the bejeezus out of you is a powerful experience. This builds confidence as you eye the next challenge, whatever it may be. And it is fun!

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