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A(nother) New Year

By December 31, 2014Claudia's Corner

In reflecting over the past 12 months, I heave a huge sigh of relief…that so much was accomplished, disaster averted, vision clarified, and that the fruits of some very hard work are beginning to form on the tree!

In terms of work, Legacy was forced to leave our space due to the sale of the building we had been in since 2008.  As we looked for new ‘digs’, we ventured into a part of town that is on the forefront of great redevelopment.  Our space is fantastic, but once again, we do know what it’s like to be pioneers, in every sense of the word!  The ideas first discussed several years ago, are coming to fruition.  Never forget:  it takes all the hard work you put in to reach the level you are at plus more to stay there.  No resting on laurels here.

In terms of my family life, I am grateful beyond words that my daughter and I have reached a new level of engagement with one another…one that allows us to be who we are without apology and with love and acceptance.  Being her mom has taught me things I did not know.

I have been fortunate to have mentors, teachers, and coaches.  Bobbye Hall has taught me to reason, not just react.  She has lifted my consciousness and helped me interpret my dreams. Trudy Evans has shown me that an affirmation does change my perception of the situation and the outcome as it calms me and gives me hope.  Scott Herrera continues to instruct, train, and push me while refraining from judgement.  I am lucky, blessed, thankful for them all.

Often, I marvel that anyone will be friends with me!  I am a loner and an extrovert, if such a combination is possible.  Friends I have had for 20 years are so comfortable and reassuring.  New friends bring a different perspective to my life and have added much to my experience.  Though I am quite happy living as a single person, my girlfriends brighten my life.

This New Year is pregnant with possibility!  Our destiny is in our hands.  We chart our course.  We create little miracles every day.  Yes, to all of that, and so much more.  Yes!


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