Scott Herrera has spent more than 20 years traveling throughout North America to study from the highest regarded experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and osteopathy.  As a result of this intensive study he developed his innovative approach to sports performance training, performance rehabilitation, and exercise instruction.  This innovative approach is what Legacy was built upon…a better way, better results.

Scott and Claudia Zelazny are Certified ELDOA™ Trainers and Instructors in the Six-Level ELDOA™ Program, as well as Graduates of the three-year SomaTraining Program..


Step 1.  Contact the Center

Step 2.  Evaluation and Phase I Program Design

Step 3.  Start Your Home Program

Step 4.  Attend Class

Exercise/Home Program

•   Your home program is designed to address the findings in your evaluation:  muscle imbalance, pain issues, fascia tightness, lack of mobility, to name a few.

•    Each home program is geared to your individual needs, but will always have the foundational exercises/ELDOA postures we recommend for all on a daily basis.

•    We film you doing your home program so you have a video log of your exercises with audio instructions.  This is good for home and travel!

•    As you progress, your home program will change to adapt to your success.

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Lifestyle/Recovery Center

Everybody knows the importance of quality exercise, but if the body can’t recover you’re not going to get the results. Everything from sauna, circulatory exercise, the food you eat and the quality water you drink.

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The exercise system we use for both Sport & Wellness clients at the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center can be described simply as “QUALITY EXERCISE” in that it respects the organization of the FASCIA and human bio-mechanics. All  group and semi-private training classes at the Center are based upon the work of Guy VOYER DO in his SomaTraining program and the Tensegrity model-

“Once you understand the fascial system as a whole, rather than as a series of parts, the body presents itself as an animated version of a tensegrity (tension-integrity) (Fuller 1975).”

In the Sport & Wellness Program, clients are taught how to perform exercises adapted to a specific problem or goal:  sports related, corrective, preventative, maintenance, or aesthetic.  The exercises are precise (analytical) and they respect the complexity of each person’s body and the paradigm of functional anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics.

Every client receives a home program specific to his or her needs.  Clients schedule appointments to work on their program with a skilled Practitioner and The Center offers weekly group and semi-private classes to supplement this work.