Part I:


What does ELDOA stand for?


What is Junghan’s functional unit?


Why did Guy VOYER develop the ELDOA?


What is MAC?


What are the KLAPP techniques?


What is Niederhoffer techniques?


What are the KABAT techniques?


What are the BRUNNSTOM techniques?


What are the BOBATH techniques?


What are the PIRET and BEZIERES techniques?


What are the MEZIERES techniques?


What are the STRUYFF- DENYS techniques?


Who is STILL?


What are the local effects of ELDOA?


What are the general effects of the ELDOA?


What are the 4 progression factors in developing awareness?


What is the PRM (primary respiratory mechanism)?


Define the fascia in 5 lines?


Describe the line of gravity.


How is the pressure on the spine dispersed?


How is the intervertebral disc nourished


What is DELMAS Index?


What is a rupture according to EULER?


What is BORELLI’s law?



Part II: 


Biomechanics of the Spine Preparatory Questions



What are the two distinct sections of the cervical spine?


Describe the shape of a typical cervical vertebrae.


What is the functional classification of the retro-vertebral muscles?


What is the functional classification of the pre-vertebral muscles?


Describe the thoracic vertebra.


Describe the spine in the three planes, sagittal, frontal and transverse.


Why are the diaphragm and abdominal muscles described as antagonistic synergistic?


Describe the lumbar vertebrae.


What happens during flexion- extension in the lumbar spine?


What happens during lateral flexion in the lumbar spine?


What happens during rotation in the lumbar spine?



Part III:


Discuss the educational paradigm of Guy VOYER, DO and the Soma- ELDOA Program.