A client wants to progress, so we must constantly test them to give them exactly the level of exercise they need to improve.For a specific muscular quality (strength, volume, power, speed, resistance, endurance or maintenance), it is necessary to prepare this training precisely by progressions by linear, pyramidal programs, etc.

Similarly, the seasonality of a sports year or a post-trauma or post-surgical rehabilitation program requires a refined periodization. The Guy VOYER, DO training method is always supported by experimental evidence, biological rules, physical laws, mathematical calculations and biomechanical formulas. This allows you to convince yourself, and to explain what you are doing to your clients.

Numerous exercises and movements will be used to teach the proper progression that is necessary to achieve specific goals.

Seminar Outline:

  • Quality: strength, volume, power, speed, relaxation, resistance, endurance and fitness maintenance
  • Quantity: repetitions, number of series (sets) and rest time

Study Questions