Thank you for enrolling in the ELDOA Level 1&2 Combined Certification Course. If you have not already done so and would like to enroll in the 2 special practical application classes offered during this 4 day course, you may do so below:

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Course Schedule

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ELDOA Level 1&2 Study Questions

  1. What does ELDOA stand for? (The English acronym) LOADS?
  2. Why did Guy VOYER, DO develop the ELDOA?
  3. Define ‘Posture’ and list 4 components of posture.
  4. In 5 lines, define ‘fascia’
  5. What are 5 important functions of the fasciae?
  6. What is Junghan’s Functional Spine Unit?
  7. What is the main function of the articular processes of the vertebrae?
  8. In a few lines, discuss the vertebrae in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine.
  9. What is the intervertebral disc, and list its components.
  10. In several lines, discuss the topic of back pain.