Circulatory: Numerous people suffer from problems of venous return (varices, varicosities; heavy legs, edema, etc). Simple, yet very precise exercises, allow a stimulation of circulation of the blood in an anatomical and physiological sense for each vein.

-There are many exercises to improve the quantity of respiration.
-The techniques taught in this course are qualitative in nature, allowing a very precise recruitment of each pulmonary segment in order to address any respiratory insufficiency that is frequently encountered (asthma, smoking-related issues, etc).

Pre-Course Study Questions

  1. What are the 3 categories of veins according to PAYARD?
  2. What are the venous systems corresponding with arterial and pulmonary systems?
  3. What is the numerical ratio of veins to arteries?
  4. What is a venous plexus?
  5. Where is the origin of the Great Saphenous Vein?