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To function properly and avoid dehydration, the human body requires regular water intake. The amount depends on various factors that include the level of activity, temperature and humidity. Most of the water humans take in is through foods and beverages other than pure water, but this comes at a cost. The body has to break down the foods in order to extract the water for use.

Drinking water is a more efficient and practical way of hydrating the body. The water is transported immediately to the tissues where it can be utilized.

The human body is comprised of up to 70 percent water, and over 80 percent of the brain is made up of water. The effects of dehydration on the overall state of the body can be problematic and at times life threatening. Several physiological roles of water in the body include: water serves as a transportation system, water is a lubricant, water regulates body temperature, and water participates in many biological reactions.


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