There are hundreds of specific exercises, which can solicit the proximal, distal, medial, lateral, middle, superficial or deep portions of each muscle in the lower extremities. The thorough details that are covered in this class will allow for an understanding of the numerous exercises that target specific areas of the lower limb. These exercises are applied, based on our goal, to specific conditioning goals, to address muscles imbalances, and a part of addressing specific orthopedic dysfunctions such as various joint dysfunctions, tendonitis, arthrosis, instability etc.

  • Seminar Outline:

    • Technical analysis of the movements which are the basis of muscle strengthening
    • Learning to perfect the movement (progression factors)
    • How to avoid injury with the appropriate preparation
    • Lower extremity warm-ups
    • Quality effort in terms of strength, volume, power, speed, resistance, endurance and fitness maintenance
    • Planning training sessions with respect to time availability
    • Strengthening methods for all the lower extremity muscles
    • Muscular re-education programs
    • Sports preparation programs

Pre-Course Study Questions

  1. What type of joint is the hip joint and how does it differ from the gleno-humeral joint?
  2. What positional factor of the lower extremity influences the rang of hip flexion or extension?
  3. Which part of the acetabulum sustains the greater amount of pressure from the femoral head?
  4. Name the law in cinesiology that explains the body’s adaptation to this pressure.
  5. What part do the ligaments and periarticular muscles play in the maintenance of structural integrity of the hip joint?
  6. Briefly explain genu valgum and genu varum.
  7. What is automatic axial rotation?
  8. What type of joint is the knee and what two functional joints does it contain?
  9. Are the cruciate ligaments intra or extra- capsular?
  10. Why do the menisci become distorted during movements of the knee?
  11. What muscles reinforce the MCL and LCL?
  12. Name the anatomical attachments of the ilio-psoas.
  13. What structures comprise the achilles tendon complex?