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Obesity costs Americans big bucks…it raised medical care costs by $315.8 billion in 2010.

There has to be a better way to teach nutrition and lifestyle choices to our citizens.
Start early…every grade school should have a vegetable garden on campus. In Dallas, Master Gardeners could come to the schools as part of their required ‘pay it forward’ responsibilities and teach kids where food comes from, what healthy food looks and tastes like. If the kids get it at school, they will take it home and – perhaps – teach their parents!

Why not a tax break for people who eat healthy, have low blood pressure, aren’t on any meds, and maintain a healthy weight?

How about making sure schools have the Body exhibit in some form so children can see how miraculous their bodies are? Maybe they would take better care of themselves if they realized what a wondrous vehicle they are running around in!

We CAN turn things around…if just takes the will to do so. heart of veggies

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