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Using Smells to Hasten Healing

By November 11, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Our noses aren’t the only organs that smell!  Over the last decade, scientist have discovered that odor receptors are found throughout the body and play a pivotal role in a host of physiological functions.

Recently, a team of biologists has found that our skin is rife with olfactory receptors.  Not only that, but exposing one of these receptors to a synthetic sandalwood order known as Sandalore sets off a cascade of molecular signals that appears to induce healing in injured tissue.

These olfactory receptors outside the nose help control metabolic function and regulate blood pressure in the kidneys of mice according to a 2009 study at Johns Hopkins University.

All this might explain the use of essential oils to promote relief and healing all over the body and for a multitude of ailments.  Legacy uses doTerra oils and carries them at the Training Table.  This month we are talking about Lemongrass and it’s ability to reduce spider veins!IMG_2764