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Updates, Website Changes & More to Come at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

By April 20, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Over the past few months a number of changes and updates were made to Legacy’s webpage and program content. More changes are in the works including new video content from our General Exercise Program, You Tubes of exercises and interviews specific to Legacy Programming. Legacy’s “Blog” section has been re-organized to better help visitors navigate and choose the content they have the most interest in learning about.

Expect to see more updates to the “Exercise Classes” tab. Soon, one can expect to Legacy’s full exercise curriculum with updated descriptions and Sport Training Categories.

If you have not created an account on the home page we encourage you to do so. This will keep you informed of daily events and changes made in programming. If you are a “twitter” fan then we invite you to follow us on twitter as well.

Additional changes on the home page include: a new section for an exercise that we use with clients at the Center, an orthopedic tip, a lifestyle/food tip, and coaching-performance tip.

Expect to see additional content for Sporting Men and Women with respect to exercise, recovery and special training camps both in town and out of town.

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