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The ELDOA, Fascia & Its Many Roles

By July 12, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

There are many roles of the fascia in the human body. One such role is the Role of Fascia and Coordination of Movement-

According to Guy VOYER DO, in his text ELDOA 1-class manual,

“The fascia is made so that the muscles work reciprocally in chains. The richness of their sensory receptors facilitates the harmonious functioning of this entire system, which occurs essentially at a reflex level. But micro-movement commands macro-functions. Whether in a scarring process, an organic-visceral function or in an orthopedic responsibility, the ELDOA coordinate the facial work by preparing a field to work in, cleared of all resistance to these dynamics. In fact, at the musculo-skeletal level it is structure which governs function, and at the level of the fluids it is the movement of the PRM (Primary Respiratory Mechanism) that determines the vitality of the organs.”

More on this and the many other roles of the fascia are the subjects of future posts/blogs this month and leading up to the ELDOA 1-2 Intensive Seminar in Dallas this fall @ Legacy Sport & Wellness Center-

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  • The fascia is the skin of a structure; there are many different names of fasciae in the body but there is only ONE fascia. Fasciae include the pleura, the pericardium, and dura mater. All are in relation to one another… when one of the fascia is pulled it affects all the other structures hence the significance of continuity and contiguity-

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