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Stress. Want Less Of It? Accept Responsibility!

By April 13, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

You must be thinking that is  a typo.  Taking on responsibility only adds another layer of stress to your already bursting-at-the-seams stress level, right?  Wrong.

This is not about taking on more work on the job, agreeing to chair a fund-raiser, or promising to pet-sit while a friend sails around the world.  This is about taking  responsibility for your life…stopping the blame game, the victim persona, the meme that someone else has been and is controlling your life choices.  All those are very powerful mind-sets if you want to be powerless.  They can be very convenient because you can’t be held accountable for the state your life is in if you aren’t the one pulling the strings.

So we blame our parents, our spouse, children, boss, neighbor, Congressman, doctor, God…anyone can become a candidate.

There is a huge downside to this helplessness: anger and resentment.  When we truly believe it is always someone’s fault, a rage builds up inside of us that can color every relationship we try to have.  We want to have a richer, deeper, more joyful life experience which doesn’t come if we believe we are being controlled by people and events outside of us.  In addition, we long for an apology from those we feel have created our situation…caused us to be in pain, accomplish so little, fail continually, be alone and lonely.  We never get that apology which feeds the rage and resentment.

What if you were told that stepping up and accepting responsibility for each choice  made or not made in your life would set you free?  It is true.  Once you stop holding others accountable and acknowledge that what you have and have not done in your life is all you, there is no one to blame!  You can finally forgive (yourself and others) and move on even if no apology comes to you.  More importantly, you become powerful as you realize that no one is pulling your strings…you are autonomous and the creator of your life.

You are now able to make better choices and make changes you have longed for because it is all on you.  You don’t live in the past, under someone’s grip and you are not a creation of someone’s opinions or beliefs.  Control what you can, quiet the inner chatter through deep breathing, time in nature, or meditation, connect with your purpose – not what you think you are supposed to do or what others want you to do – practice coherence of mind and body and you can create inner peace and fulfillment.

Affirmation:  I forgive the world.  The world forgives me.  I forgive myself.  (Thanks to Trudy Evans, Metaphysical Advisor and Certified Hypnotherapist.)

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