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On a side note, it is quite fitting that the last day of Stress Awareness Month is also the last day that Legacy is in the McKinney Avenue location!

Telomeres are tiny bits of DNA that influence longevity and health.  The length of these telomeres determines how quickly our cells age and how prone we are to debilitating disease:  stroke, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, vascular dementia, diabetes and osteoporosis.  The shorter the telomere, the shorter your lifespan.

Studies recommend a certain dietary considerations which include HDA and EPA, along with tumeric, ginger, green tea, resveratrol, zinc, magnesium and folic acid, vitamins B12, C and D.  Vitamin D is especially import.  Physical activity also helps extend telomeres by curbing stress.

Stress reduction is considered  crucial.   Stress management can keep telomeres from shrinking.  Research published in 2004 found that telomeres of women under the greatest strain (caring for chronically ill childlren) were shorter by the equivalent of 10 additional years of aging, compared with low-stressed women.  Job-related stress and burnout can progressively shorten telomeres as well.

Using lifestyle habits to keep telomeres healthy and strong is a smart move for maintaining robust health.

Data from NaturalNews:  3 easy habits for a long, disease-free life

Affirmation:  I make healthy choices to enhance by life.


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