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Stress: Is Nature One Cure?

By April 6, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Recent research shows that taking a stroll through a natural setting can boost performance on “tasks calling for sustained focus.” “Taking in the sights and sounds of nature appears to be especially beneficial for our minds.” In fact, Dr. Marc Berman and fellow researchers at the University of Michigan found that “performance on memory and attention tests improved by 20 percent after study subjects paused for a walk through an arboretum. When these people were sent on a break to stroll down a busy street in town, no cognitive boost was detected.”

Even looking at photographs of nature can have a calming effect.  There are many windowless offices that project pictures of nature on every wall, floor to ceiling, as a way to tone down the stress levels and increase creativity and productivity.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration.  Moods and emotions have a vibration as well.  You have experienced this:  how you have felt when someone is angry with you and your feelings when someone compliments you on a job done well.

The earth, trees, mountains, the sea have vibratory frequencies that can permeate our human form to soothe or excite us.  If you really hug a tree, you can feel the movement of the tree…it is a living thing after all.  Being in nature can bring us more into a natural rhythm or frequency which helps manage our stress levels.  In these times, stress is an almost round the clock thing…the tiger never stops chasing us.  If you are stressed, go outside or find photos of beautiful scenes in nature.  You will feel the change almost immediately.

Affirmation:  Each day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better.

Click on the link for a fascinating article on a Japanese program designed to relieve stress.

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