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Stenosis: Legacy’s Body Tip of the Week-

By April 13, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

There is more than one type of Stenosis. Stenosis can be a congenital issue or it can occur because of other factors. When the spine begins to ossify the range of motion in that region is limited. The soft tissue begins “to become like bone” thus affecting surrounding soft tissue structures. One example of a type of a stenosis that can occur in professional sportsmen comes from repeated cortisone injections in the spine region. Cortisone is a product used to block pain but it causes the tissues to become “leather-like” thus loosing elastic properties, and at some point, a loss of range of motion. If you have a stenosis one of the best forms of exercise to address this issue is the ELDOA. To learn more about the ELDOA and Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s ELDOA program contact the Center in Dallas at

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