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Sport & Wellness News: Join A Healthy TEAM

By July 19, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

So much is in the process of change with respect to personalized Wellness and Sport Performance!

As the healthcare system in the United States continues to move towards socialized care dictated by insurance policy and implemented by robots, assistants and techs, there is an entirely new model of WELLNESS being born.

Small, owner-operated Sport & Wellness Centers are opening up all over North America and the work taking place inside these walls is entirely different than that provided by the traditional healthcare system. In fact, the two models are NOT even remotely similar. The enormous U.S. healthcare model is designed to diagnose and treat disease where the smaller Sport & Wellness Centers aim their intent on prevention and client education. With this new model, clients NOT patients, may schedule appointments to meet with skilled practitioners to have  personalized home programs designed thus saving hours of unnecessary and wasted time spent in waiting rooms and completing forms. Practitioners have the ability to spend as much time as needed to work with client as opposed to a mandated billing cycle. As support, or to compliment a home program,  group classes and educational seminars are there to provide support and motivation as Together Everyone Accomplishes More!

Of course, none of this is MEDICINE or covered under a typical insurance plan, but instead, places the responsibility for change in the hands of the client. For more information on the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas contact the center at


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