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Sport & Wellness Immersions-

By April 11, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Don’t have the time to “get (back) in shape?, or do you have a chronic injury that doesn’t allow for enjoying the sports that you used to?” Are your schedule and responsibilities such that you barely have a moment for yourself? This is leading you down the path to breakdown for sure! Stop yourself from going any further and enroll in one of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s Wellness/Sport Immersions. Pick from 4-5 or 8-day immersions in beautiful locations like, Sea Island, Georgia, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Mammoth, California, the Hawaiian Islands, or the Austrian Alps. Each day begins with a morning exercise session followed by only the best quality food(s), followed by the day’s activities depending on your passion- hiking, skiing, golf, and more. After your done, Quality Exercise in the afternoon- MyoFasical Stretching, ELDOA, dinner and either sauna or treatments at night. For the professional sportsmen and elite amateurs, the day’s activities can be organized according to your sport needs- ice hockey and power skating, cycling/mountain biking, golf and more. Contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center to learn more about our Wellness Immersions and Pro Camps, or other Legacy Programs found on the website:

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