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“Sport” At Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

By April 13, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center works with all types of clients, from all over the world. We are an international Sport & Wellness Consulting Company. The past several years we have devoted most of our attention to spreading the word about Wellness and how to become a Healthy- Happy person using proven methods of setting routines and using Quality Exercise and the highest quality foods!

Now our focus will shift temporarily to the “Sportsmen and Women” of the world. Having consulted with six current or former Olympic athletes including multiple medal winners and world record holders in addition to many other professional and elite athletes we feel it is time to develop that aspect of our website.

If you’ve spent any amount of time at the Center in Dallas you know the phrase, “the Goal of Sports is to WIN… and in doing so  you kill the body, but you don’t care because that is the goal. Wellness is NOT the same goal.”

But in both instances, Sport & Wellness, the goal is to use proven strategies and specific exercise programs to re-orgnaize the body after training for your sport or competition. Quality exercise re-organizes the body! Look for more information how we do this at the Legacy Cener in our posts, blogs and member gallery and videos.

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