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SomaPractitioners: Business Model Workshop

By April 13, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Are you a SomaPractitioner practicing the fields of SomaTraining, SomaTherapy or Osteopathy? If so, and you are interested in how to either integrate certain aspects of the other modalities into your practice/business model, or you want to improve upon your current  business model then consider scheduling your own SomaPractitioner Immersion with Legacy Sport & Wellness Center. We organize your time spent with us with respect to your goals, and if you dont’ have any goals then we help you get clear on how to create some goals, how to write them, and create a plan or program that supports those goals. For information on this program contact the Legacy Sport & Performance Center on our homepage and while you are there, create an account in the top right corner to follow up-to-date posts/blogs and special events hosted by the Center. Check out the SomaPractitioner Blog under blogs, the SomaPractitioner facebook page link at the bottom of the home page and look for upcoming workshops, seminars, or immersions hosted by the Legacy Center.

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