Practical: Abdominals & Thoracic Diaphragm • October 6-7, 2022


October 6-7, 2022. Day one begins at 9:30 am and ends around 5:00 pm.

Instructors: Scott Herrera

Price: Course – $800.00
Manual – $50.00 + tax

*Course manual must be purchased with course



This is a very unique class with detailed relational and fascial anatomy and relative biomechanics where students will start to learn proper mechanics, execution and application from the very beginning. The abdominals (obliques, transverse, pyramidals and rectus abdominus) and the thoracic diaphragm need to be properly trained. These muscles are not only functional but aesthetic

Over 100 exercises and its variations that can be used regularly in strength & conditioning as well as in the filed of rehabilitation, especially for the spine, lumbo-pelvis dysfunction, abdominal wall separations, hernias and digestive disorders.

Seminar Outline:

  • Technical analysis of the movements which are the basis of muscle strengthening
  • Learning to perfect the movement (progression factors)
  • How to avoid injury with the appropriate preparation
  • Types of cool-downs for better recovery
  • Dietary factors
  • Quality effort in terms of strength, volume, power, speed, resistance, endurance and fitness maintenance
  • Planning training sessions
  • Multiple strengthening methods
  • Muscular re-education programs
  • Sports preparation programs


The Practical may be taken without having taken the Theory lecture offered on-line.

On-Line Theory with Guy VOYER, DO


Course begins at 9:30 AM on July 30.  Day one ends around 5:00 Pm.


Fee: $800.00 for the two-day course, no sales tax
$50.00 for the course manual, plus Texas sales tax

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