The Squat and Posturology • October 2-4, 2020


The Squat and Posturology

October 2-4, 2020

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center
1511 East Levee Street, Suite C
Dallas, Texas 75207

Instructor:  Scott Herrera

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Product Description

A complete analysis of the squat with respect to the entire body. There are over a hundred progressions that have to be learned before a squat is completed properly. This class will cover all of these progressions and lead to a fundamental understanding of the proper method of progression leading to the completion of a biomechanically sound squat.

Seminar Outline:

– technical analysis of the movements which are the basis of the squat

– learning to perfect the movement with a specific focus on the progression factors

– how to avoid injury with the appropriate preparation and warm-ups

– quality effort in terms of: strength, volume, power, speed, resistance, endurance and fitness maintenance

– muscular re-education programs

– sports preparation programs


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