PRACTICAL: Strengthening of the Lower Limb • March 27-28, 2021


Instructor: Scott Herrera

Price: Course – $700.00
Manual – $50.00 + tax

*Course manual must be purchased with course

(Guy VOYER, DO online theory lecture for this course December 3-4, 2020)

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Product Description

Learn the exercises for strengthening the muscles of the lower limb.

This two-day practical is taught by Scott Herrera. It is not necessary to have taken the on-line Theory lectures to enroll for the Practical.

Fee: $700.00 for the course, no sales tax.
Course Manual: $50.00 plus Texas sales tax.

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If you have taken the on-line Theory and received an email from Lydie Voyer, DO stating your completion, please email that to Claudia at  Thank you.