Practical: Strapping • Fall 2022 Dates TBA


Fall 2022 Dates TBA

Instructors: Scott Herrera

Price: Course – $800.00
Manual – $50.00 + tax

*Course manual must be purchased with course

$400.00 retake rate available for students who have already completed this course



This course will cover a specific methodology and strapping techniques for common sport and overuse injuries; such as sprains, subluxations, tendonitis etc., that should be used as a therapeutic intervention along other therapies. Very frequently, to assist in the ability of movement or strength performance, the trainer must apply a therapeutic tape job for a ligament, tendon, muscle or a specific articulation.


The Practical may be taken without having taken the Theory lecture offered on-line.

Online Practical w/ Guy VOYER, DO: May 28, 2022

On-Line Theory with Guy VOYER, DO

Fee: $800.00 for the two-day course, no sales tax
$50.00 for the course manual, plus Texas sales tax

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