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Semi-Private Training Workouts

By July 23, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Semi-private training workouts differ from group collective classes in several ways.

Group collective classes are set by the month on the Sport & Wellness Center’s calendar and hosted by the Legacy Sport & Wellness. Any number of students may attend a collective class and the content of the exercise class is usually organized at a base-level.

A semi-private training session differs in that it can be customized by the length of class-time, the number of students, intensity and goals of the Semi-private session, as well as the number of semi-private training sessions in the Training Series.

This morning a Semi-private Training Series begins with a one hour Cardio-block training workout followed immediately by a one hour Myo-fascial workout targeted toward the Pelvic trochanter musculature. This group of sportsmen will meet twice this week for this style of training.

For information and future Semi-private Training workouts check the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s home page. On-line sign-ups are posted there or contact the Center directly to learn more about this training tool and other Legacy Sport & Wellness Programming.


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