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Strengthening of the Lower Limb Study Questions

Pre-Course Preparation

1. In a few lines, discuss the attachments and functions of the following muscles:
a. transverse abdominus
b. internal oblique
c. external oblique
d. rectus abdominus
2. Name the two large cavities of the trunk.
3. What is the primary muscle of respiration?
4. Discuss, in five (5) lines, how the abdominals muscles and the
diaphragm muscles are involved in breathing.
5. Name the two (2) lateral muscles of the trunk.
6. discuss the fiber direction of quadratus lumborum.

Reading Assignment: Tong/publication/249319269 Sportspecific endurance plank test for evaluation of global core muscle function/links/5a5426b3458515e7b73214 be/Sport-specific-endurance-plank-test-for-evaluation-of-global-core-muscle-function.pdf