The Practitioner Experience is Legacys Practical Application Workshop designed for student-practitioners as a compliment to any course the Legacy School of ELDOA Training offers as well as any course in the SomaTraining or SomaTherapy curriculum. The workshops are designed to respect the educational paradigm principle “learn by doing”. This allows practitioners to receive as much hands-on practice and teaching experience as possible. The practical application curriculum is specific to the course content. The goal of these workshops is to provide an environment which allows practitioners to practice, practice, practice. The workshops are not a substitute for any of the above course work, but an adjunct to these courses.

Topics for Practical Application Workshops include the following:

• Practical Application for Specific Completed Course Material (ELDOA 1, as an example)

• How to Organize an Introductory ELDOA Collective Class
body of the class based upon the purpose
cool down

• How to Organize a General ELDOA Class (45 minutes or more)

• How to Organize a MFS Class

• Combined Curriculum (Practical Application and How to Organize a Class)

• How to Organize a General Exercise Class

Practical Application Workshops may be structured as half-day, one-day, or two-day workshops. The fee varies according to the length of the workshop and the complexity of the material. Participants must have taken the course for which the workshop is designed.

The Legacy Center hosts courses on our campus. Our 5,400 square foot facility has a lifting gym, an open area for training and group exercise instruction and a fully equipped classroom that can accommodate up to 60 practitioners in a multi-day format. If it is more feasible based upon the size of your staff, we can bring the educational training and course work to you. Legacy Center has designed workshops for collegiate football and track programs and professional hockey, to list a few examples. We have consulted with numerous private wellness and training facilities nationally.

If you are interested in more information, please email the Center and we will notify you of upcoming Practical Application Workshops: