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Throwing Injuries and Proper Conditioning @ Professional & School Boy Levels-

In professional baseball the mantra is, “You can’t win without pitching” hence one of the reasons starting aces earn incredible salaries. Equally important is to insure that those aces AND the rest of the pitching staff remain healthy throughout the year, or so one might think?! Every year teams jockey to find the best pitchers available and work to sign deals, but after that, with respect to maintaining healthy tissue and proper biomechanics, teams’ programs fall short. Year in and year out pitchers drop like flies… is this preventable? Yes, but it requires implementing proper training programs, both during the season, and in the off-season SPECIFIC to each man/player AND using exercises that address the problems while RESPECTING proper biomechanics-a.k.a.”QUALITY EXERCISE”. At both the major league and school boy levels this is not the case, and its easy to prove… just look at the disabled list of throwers at the professional level and the increasing number of injuries at the school boy level.

To learn more about how to train pitchers/throwers using “Quality Exercise”contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas-

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