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I started oil pulling with organic coconut oil in January, starting with 5 minutes a morning and working up to the 20 minutes recommended in all the articles on pulling.  I floss after every meal, use Stimudent sticks and a sonic care toothbrush twice a day so my dental hygiene is pretty good!

I didn’t really notice a difference:  teeth weren’t blindingly bright, couldn’t discern any changes in my mouth at all.

Today, I went for my regular cleaning and both the hygienist and the dentist remarked on the health of my gums… the healthiest they have ever seen in the 15 or so years I have been going to them!  No gum bleeding during the cleaning process is pretty remarkable.  They feel the health of the gums speaks to the health of the body.  The only change in my dental routine is oil pulling so I will continue to ‘pull’ and invite you to try it for your health!

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