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One of the common mistakes I often hear is that the ELDOA exercises are ONLY for the spine. This is not true!

There are ELDOA exercises for the joints of the pelvis, shoulder, tempo-mandibular joints and cranial bones, too. Another common belief is that the ELDOA is only for aging spines and population. Again, INCORRECT.

In today’s General ELDOA Group Exercise Class @ Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas the youngest student just turned 8 years old last week, and he has a regular practice of ELDOA since January of 2013. He will be a case history featured in the ELDOA 1-2 Intensive Seminar hosted by Legacy Center in November.

To learn more about the ELDOA and how to use this highly efficient tool with contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas for more information. For a class schedule see our monthly calendar of events on the website-


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