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Myo-fascial Stretching 4-day Workshop: October in L.A.

By September 12, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

In preparation for the 2014, 4-day Myo-fascial Stretching Workshop scheduled in October, each week Legacy Sport & Wellness Center will share a series of questions from our NEW Practitioner Fellowship Program on this page with the goal being to stimulate the mind and better prepare practitioners for the upcoming workshop. These questions come from a pool of resources the Legacy Fellowship Program uses with its Fellowship Practitioners including questions specific to both the classic and descriptive anatomy (FASCIA), Tensegrity Biomechanics, Physiology and Pathophysiology, and Clinical Application scenarios. For this one workshop, if you are NOT enrolled in the Fellowship Program, but would like to receive the questions in the weeks leading into the MFS workshop, contact the Legacy Center to enroll for no charge. After the MFS workshop you can decide if you want to continue to in the Fellowship program. The Legacy Center plans to post a series of YouTube Videos pertinent to the workshop so stay tuned for more educational resources-

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