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Master Your Tools

By August 18, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

After the GPS Course in NYC this weekend, and the 4-day MFS course in L.A. in October, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center will host a series of intensive 1 and 2 day workshops with the objective being to provide practitioners theslide1 opportunity to practice the tools acquired in the training courses. A curriculum will be set for each day with pre-homework questions specific to anatomy and Tensegrity Biomechanics. Every practitioner in the course will teach the exercises, repeatedly, with coaching and feedback provided by a master trainer. The only requirement is that that you take the training courses prior to these workshops. Contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas to learn more about this and other programming at the Legacy Center-

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  • This testimonial from someone who was at Legacy for a Practical Application for Sport Training & Therapy Workshop held August 7-10, 2014:

    Cindy Hoffman:

    Hope you’ve recovered from all that effort you put into making our training so great!
    I enjoyed the course. Learned lots. Scott has a great teaching style. I like the way he encourages us to think things through for ourselves, and challenges us. Also, his own experience stories help us put a practical aspect to the material. The manual is well put together and easy to understand. The facility is great. Comfortable and very accommodating. Diverse group, which added to the knowledge share.

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