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March Nutrition Tip: Women and the Low-Fat, No-Fat Myth

By March 14, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

There are so many aspects that could be talked about when you put these two words together:  women, fat.  We could talk about advertising and the images that are bombarding us through the media…what this does to young and older women alike.  We could talk about the vilification of fat people in our society and the idea that thinness is a sign of wealth and social standing and will power.  We could talk about all the misinformation out there about low-fat, lite, fat-free foods and how this has created a culture of irresponsible and harmful eating.  We could discuss the faulty science that vilified certain foods as being responsible for high cholesterol and heart disease.

But let’s just talk about why women need fat.

What are the benefits of eating clean fats?  In addition to arriving at one’s natural weight, clean fats feed the brain.  This can eliminate brain fog and slow down any slide into dementia or Alzheimer’s and perhaps lift a person out of depression.  Hair, skin, and nails will be healthier, shinier, stronger, more vibrant.   Libido and the enjoyment of sex will increase.  ‘Overweight’ women survive better than normal or underweight women. (Obesity is another health issue and is not being advocated here.)

Dr. William Lassek, co-author of the book “Why Women Need Fat”. said:  “The Danish diet is rich in fat, dairy and sugar, and only one Danish woman in 14 is fat compared to one in three in the U.S.”  More than half the women in America are on a diet.  Women are obsessed about dieting and about being thin and eating ‘diet foods’ in order to accomplish weight loss.

Dieting tells the body there is a shortage of food.  Your body doesn’t know you plan on eating again at the party on Saturday.  It thinks it needs to store body fat for the long siege of little or no food and so it does.

Fat doesn’t make a woman fat.  Bad fat makes a woman fat.  Why the body needs saturated fatsDiet foods are laced with trans-fats, extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids and because there is very little nutrition available in the foods due to over-processing, there is not much satisfaction or sense of fullness after eating these non-foods.  After World War II, saturated fats were replaced by polyunsaturated fats, primarily via corn and soybean oils.  Even today, these two crops are the base of our entire food production system.

Both corn and soybean oil are high in omega-6, which is detrimental to health, especially for women.  Food processing extracts and concentrates these oils from the plant and creates these omega-6 fatty acids.  Omega-6s make us fat.  They promote fat storage and are a precursor for certain signaling molecules called endocannabinoids, which like marijuana, give you the ‘munchies’.  The omega-6s tell the body to store the fat you have and eat more because you are hungry.

The best way to achieve and maintain a more natural weight is for women to drastically reduce the amount of polyunsaturated omega-6s in their diet.  The best way to do that is to stop eating processed food and to avoid commercially fried foods.  Real, clean fat is full of essential vitamins, allows the body to utilized the fat-soluble vitamins they may be taking as supplements and makes you feel full so you actually eat less.  When a woman tries to fill up on fat-free or low-fat items, she will wind up eating more because of that omega-6 loop.  Commercially grown cows and chickens are being fed corn to cheaply fatten them for market.  If we eat commercially grown protein sources, we are getting even more omega-6s in our diet even if we don’t eat packaged foods.

How can you tell a woman who thinks she is fat to eat fat?  Good question!  Perhaps teach her how to avoid weight gain as she adds healthy, clean fats to her food plan.     Stay hydrated.  Drink water.  Diet sodas are pure high fructose corn syrup.    Eat foods that let you load up on omega-3s and DHA (docosa hexaenoic acid).  Grass-fed beef and lamb, salmon, flax seeds, eggs…all good sources.  Olive oil and coconut oil are great fats for health.  Eat small portions often.  Read labels.  Eat real food and practice savoring it.  Often people – women – binge eat because they feel they should not have a delicious food.  They eat the entire thing, vowing never to have it again which is totally impossible.  Learn to linger over food, enjoy every bite. Making eating a love-affair can help one give up a neurotic relationship with food.




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