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March Nutrition Tip: Vitamin D is Not a Vitamin!

By March 2, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Vitamin D is now recognized as a critical brain hormone.

Five forms of vitamin D have been discovered, The two forms that seem to matter to humans the most are vitamins D2 and D3 (cholecalciferol).    D3 is made in the skin when 7-dehydrocholesterol reacts with ultraviolet light at 270-300 nm wavelengths.  The farther one moves away from the tropics, the fewer the number of days when the UV index meets this criteria.  Vitamin D deficienc is extremely common in northern latitudes and is considered an epidemic in the U.S., according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Why we need vitamin D:  crucial for absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous (healthy bones) • regulates the immune system • it may reduce the risk of developing MS • maintains cognitive functions • plays an important role in keeping a healthy body weight • can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms • shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women • protects from radiation damage • adequate levels  can lead to a lower risk of developing cancer • T.B. recovery • low levels may increase the risk of heart attack.

To 10 Foods Highest in Vitamin D are cod liver oil…fish…oysters…black and red caviar…salami, ham and sausages…eggs…mushrooms.VITAMIN D

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