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Live Streaming ELDOA & Training Workouts-

By May 30, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Attention all SomaPractitioners- trainers, therapists and osteopaths, and clients of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas…

Legacy is working to organize 1-2 live streaming ELDOA workouts each week. These workouts can be accessed from our website. If this is of interest to you and/or your clients then contact the Center in Dallas for more information. The quality of these workouts in part is dependent on the quality of movement of the individual therefore some exposure to the movements coupled with the on-line workout makes for a better training session as opposed to trying to follow without ever having worked with a practitioner. To contact the Center about this new project/program contact us @  and we invite you to follow our daily posts, tips, sport and wellness blogs and our on-line events calendar by creating an account on the home page.  You may email us at

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