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Legacy’s Sports – Performance Coaching Program

By July 15, 2015July 21st, 2015Performance Coaching

Legacy waterDSC_0097Drinking water – the importance of drinking quality water as opposed to drinking sub-optimal water with no minerals that comes out of a vending machine – is one of the fist lessons in Legacy’s program. The second lesson…”it’s not food if it comes from a drive-through window!” At the elite level of sports, the diet is completely overlooked, OR it’s talked about, but when it comes time for clubs and academic institutions to pay the bill for quality food the real truth comes out about where they stand with respect to high performance results and nutrition. High performance training is more than nutrition, protein supplements and standing in cold pools after practice, and its more than offering baked chips instead of fried. Its ABOUT providing the highest quality foods at every meal for the players…this rarely exists at the elite or pro level.

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