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Legacy’s 60-Second Anatomy Tip: Rotator Cuff Issues?

By August 31, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

IMG_1860_2Rotator cuff issues are common for many types of sportsmen-

Baseball pitchers and tennis players are two common groups of athletes that are often affected by shoulder and rotator cuff issues. In fact, one of the world’s top women’s tennis players, Maria Sharapova, withdrew from this year’s U.S. Open last week due to “cuff issues”-

Here is a tip you can take to the bank- A rotator cuff problem rarely starts in the shoulder region, and the exercises used to PREVENT a rotator cuff problem are NOT the same exercises used to correct a problem in the rotator cuff.

The exercises used in both situations and the theory behind the application and periodization are taught in the SomaTraining Program based upon the work of Guy VOYER DO.

For more information on what to do for yourself as a client, sportsman, or practitioner with “rotator cuff issues” contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas-


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