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Legacy Sport & Wellness Center Practitioner Workshops

By July 12, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Are you a SomaTrainer, Therapist, Osteopath, or wellness practitioner who wants to learn more about how to implement safe and effective group exercise classes in your business model? If the answer is yes, Legacy Sport & Wellness Workshops are something to consider. The Legacy Center in Dallas was the first facility in the United States to implement an exercise curriculum based upon the work of Guy Voyer DO and the SomaTraining program. Our program is organized in such a way that it respects the principles taught in the 3-year SomaTraining program. The group exercise program is based upon years of study, observation, and consulting with VOYER. For a list of classes in our Wellness & Sport programs with respect to group exercise and semi-private training see “Exercise & Training Tab” on the Legacy website- . For more information on Legacy workshops contact the Center and begin to follow our posts on the website for upcoming seminars.

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  • Contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center if you have interest in attending a workshop on “How to Organize a Collective-Group ELDOA Workout Program at Your Facility- currently, numerous Wellness Clinics and Training facilities in the U.S. and Canada as well as Professional and Olympic Sport TEAMS have implemented group ELDOA training programs per the instruction of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas-

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