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Legacy News: What does a Well-organized Cardiac Rehab Center look like?

Several dry saunas of varying temperatures and sizes, beginning with 140 degrees of dry heat and low humidity and of course a properly heated room of over 200F. Coaches on staff who know how to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and adjust conditioning program variable such as length of time, density of work on a day to day and month to month basis based upon the stage or condition of the person. Drug counselors who known how medications interact and can prescribe the minimum doses as possible based on the condition of the person, and of course a lifestyle coach who can help a person build a routine, develop long term habits that promote wellness and healing, and most importantly, know how to educate clients about foods – the dangers of trans fats and processed foods that create blood sugar instability, inflammatory foods like grains and gluten, poor quality protein sources and the benefits of good fats. A facility like this would change the way cardiac medicine was practiced.

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